Focused Intention Technique (FIT)

What is FIT Basic & FIT Trauma Informed Care and how can it help me?

Focused Intention Technique (FIT) is a holistic self-healing  process that uses a series of questions to facilitate the resolution and  understanding of personal issues at the root cause. The process opens  the doorway to your untapped potential and intuition, which facilitates  immediate access to your unlimited potential.

During a Focused Intention Technique (FIT) session you are introduced to a step-by-step map on how to achieve your own limitless inner  freedom. The method can easily be learnt for personal or professional  use.

FIT Basic is a 11-step process in which you learn how to consciously connect to your body and awaken your inner knowingness of the spiritual truth. The 11-steps are an amazing, simply process to pull one’s self out of the “story” we’ve created in our minds as a result of trauma. 

In basic training, you’ll learn how to connect with your body and follow your heart to access your endless unlimited potential. Your heart center is your intuition and it can see the future. It knows your passion and why you are here. There are miraculous capabilities inside us and during the FIT basic training your shown how to access them.

Our bodies have the amazing abilities to heal themselves. What is more amazing is we are not taught how to access and activate this inner gifts or abilities or we're taught it is not possible. Hearing, seeing, witnessing these inner abilities is a must if we are to live our life with a vibration and expansiveness that radiates our inner light of JOY and LIFE.

This weekend Certified Training includes a Manual & 28 day online support with Jane.

Trauma Informed Care 5- day Certification

In the FIT Trauma week “experience”, we’ll walk you through the causes and symptoms of trauma, the keys to understanding trauma, how to heal trauma at the root cause and why it has been so difficult to heal, you’ll learn the mechanics of the FIT process and how it works.

Our training Trauma week offers certification in both Basic and Advance level of FIT. We have found when doing trauma work there is great value in having 5 consecutive days of healing. When one heals from the inside out the dynamics occur not only in the cells in the body but also in the rewiring of the brain. Until we change the wiring and move out of the old brain thinking we cannot truly heal what we hold in our bodies. Throughout the training, education, and healing process we’ll show how the mind, body, spirit, thoughts, disease, and who you think you are, are all inter-connected. Then each day the group we’ll guide themselves and others using the FIT process to reverse effects of trauma, patterns and programs that are locked into your subconscious mind.

The 28-day FIT Sacred Self-Care on line practice is a healing and deeply nourishing practice that will strengthen the group members’ relationship with the FIT 11-steps thus supporting new levels of self-awareness. The 28-day FIT Sacred Self-Care practice is a powerful daily practice that allows for healing, self-discovery, and inner transformation.

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Get ready to awaken all of who you are.

It is time to transform your story Into the purity of your soul.

You are more than your past, more than your trauma and more than who you think you are.

It is with the most love and respect I hold for you all to come into your new beginning and embrace the truth of who you are and every cell  in your body.

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2018 FIT trauma informed care testimonials

"I didn’t believe this at first but it works! I recommend this tool; as a child we didn’t know how to handle trauma this is the best way to help yourself deal with it."

"FIT helped me mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I came here lost, alone and not in a good state. FIT definitely saved me in so many ways."

"FIT helped me to remember and heal many, many old traumas in my life. This will help immensely in my work for the community, my family and myself."

"It was an excellent week, I feel amazing compared to the start. I like how it took me where I wanted, to be free within myself."

"This trauma week was more than I thought it could be. It was an amazing experience. FIT trainers provided a safe space to work on myself. I’m blown away by how much I can feel the change from the deepest parts of myself." 

"All leadership should take FIT; it should be mandatory and on-going training." 

Focused Intention Technique Energy Healing

A powerful process for connecting with infinite source and for changing limiting beliefs systems at their place of origin.

A system that address all problems at their core whether it is  spiritual (belief), thinking (mental), emotional (feeling) or physical.

Loretta Mohl, Founder of FIT

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