Holistic Consultant, Jane Burning

If we could all aspire to be in alignment with the mission statements of our workplaces, they would be a thriving environment.

Jane offers consulting services with organizations to assist them in creating positive change, enhancing current services or offering support to move forward. 

She reminds workplaces of the principles of accountability by teaching staff to work from a place of heart centered energy rather than victim energy promoting alignment with their mission statement.

Workshops and Training

Focused Intention Technique class with FIT Teacher, Jane Burning.

This service is offered for agencies or organizations that target individuals who are seen as having “multiple barriers”. 

Jane offers holistic training that incorporates traditional values and spiritual principles. Group training rates are offered on a weekly or       daily basis. Her training increases participant’s skills in: communication, self esteem, problem solving and self-assessment. 

Based on the initial consultation a workshop will be developed and tailored to suit your needs. 

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Awakening the Sacred Bundle

“Opening the Sacred Bundle” Oil Painting by Howard Terpning.

Awakening the Sacred Bundle is a presentation of how our soul came into physical form. 

Jane will share ancient wisdom from the purest of vibration in which she has been blessed to offer to all races of people. When she works with soul energy, there is no colour,      race, creed, denomination etc; we are all 100% pure energy. We will discuss the lessons we agreed to in our sacred contracts and how we chose our earthly lessons.

Learn how to embrace forgiveness and identify the obstacles that appear to get in the way of awakening the bundle. Discover your potential by releasing limiting beliefs we made in the time of our pain. Let yourself awaken to the calling of your soul and be ready to embrace the truth within.

Focused Intention Technique

A gentle, safe and non-intrusive form of healing. In the time of pain, we formulated beliefs about ourselves, others and the world. These beliefs are then stored in the lower brain where our fight or flight response is. At that time we cannot think logically.  FIT awakens your  cells to the vibration of your purity. Purity allows you the freedom to make new decisions about yourself, others and the world that are in  alignment with your truth.

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Reiki Training & Certification

Reiki - spiritual teachings of Mikao Usui in Japan during the early 20th century.

A non-invasive form of healing that works with shifting and clearing energy within your system. Blocked energy creates imbalance and Reiki will help to clear those blockages and put us back into alignment.
Level One ~ receive knowledge, mentoring and practical application of your skills.

Level Two ~ knowledge of Usui Shiki Ryoho and traditional Haudenosaunee healing  are combined in this certification. Level one is a prerequisite.

Masters Level ~ study and learn how to apply all Reiki symbols in your healing sessions, be taught the attunement process for all levels of Reiki and professional ethics. You will be expected to complete 12 case studies with a Reiki Master. Level Two is a prerequisite.

Individual Private Sessions

Jane Burning with her daughter.

Clients are assessed and treatment is determined by need; whether it is an emotional, physical or spiritual  imbalance.


Forgiveness Guided Meditation

This guided Meditation was inspired and recorded by Jane Burning. "When we embrace our true self we naturally move into the power of forgiveness".

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