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FIT Trauma Week for Professionals

Focused Intention Technique is an 11 step process which helps you get out of your limiting belief system. When your mind feels trapped and you find yourself unable to resolve your hurt this is a strong indication you are stuck in “your story. “ 

Trauma impacts the brain and the “story” you’ve been telling yourself all these years has now created neuropath ways in your brain that keep you seeing life through the lens of your trauma.

FIT allows you to access the origin of the story and resolve it at the core. As we resolve the historical limiting beliefs we can shift our thinking.

We then find ourselves looking through a new lens. The original lens allows us to see our spiritual truth as opposed to our painful truth.  We begin to see our purity and truth of our existence, which is far greater than any pain.

About Jane






Holistic Consultant, FIT Teacher, Reiki Master, Author, Motivational Speaker

After twelve years in the field of Child Welfare and Family Violence, Jane began her private practice with Universal Energy Training and Learning Center. She offered holistic counselling incorporating energy work and co-facilitated weekend retreats.

Today, she continues to work independently as a holistic consultant creating and facilitating workshops which are developed through spiritual guidance.

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Jane offers training that incorporates traditional values and spiritual  principles. A holistic consultant is conscious of the inter-connectedness of our minds, bodies and spirits.

Her training is vastly unique as it includes private consultations with your agency/organization to suit your needs. After the initial  consultation, Jane includes any spiritual insight or guidance she receives from meditation and will develop an agenda for your training.

FIT Basic Class
Aborigial Shelters of Ontario

Why Us?


Why Us?

The foundation of Jane's training gives people the tools to connect with themselves on a deeper level to create meaningful and lasting change.

Group training rates are available for your clients or staff on a daily or weekly basis. This training increases participants’ skills in: communication, self esteem, problem solving and self-assessment.

NIYN - Unlocking your Sacred Bundle

Our greatest gift is knowing we have everything we need deep inside our heart center. When we awaken the absolute truth we awaken who we authentically are.  Blessings, Jane

Nyaweh, Thank you to the National Indigenous Youth Network, Toronto  Nov. 15, 2019


Nia:wen/Thank you to my students & participants for sharing! Blessings.

"I received the most from session five where I regained my voice. I’m only beginning to see how powerful the activities are. It’s like reprogramming our unconscious minds & when I see the changes in myself I can hardly believe they are connected, but yet I know they are!” 

 “I received spiritual growth & enlightenment in this group that I never thought possible in such a short time. I believe I now know my purpose & I have been empowered by this group to move forward without fear & make it happen.”

“It was powerful. It made me look at my inner-self. There are a lot of under lying issues that are holding me back from reaching my goals.”