Rapid Change Retreat
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It’s Time to Relax and Open the Gift of YOU!

We’re continuing our ULTIMATE GIRLFRIEND PARTY, but with a twist. Now, it’s YOUR TIME to nurture yourself, inspire your dreams and ignite your powerful ability to create the life you’ve always imagined!

Join us for a RAPID CHANGE NURTURE RETREAT October 13-19, 2014!

During this 7 night / 6 day retreat, feel yourself become rejuvenated, rebalanced and activated. You deserve it!

In this serene yet vibrant setting with a group of heart-centered women, it’s the opportunity to get in touch with YOUR DEEPEST DREAMS through mentorship, guidance and connection.

Forget about feeling alone, stuck, overwhelmed or powerless… Our RAPID CHANGE NURTURE RETREAT is here for you, however you show up. We’re here to guide you to shed what’s no longer working, source your inner power, and allow yourself to receive abundance!

“Thank you for the retreat. It’s hard to verbalize what the change in my life means to me. In the retreat, you explain that our emotions are like an onion, in many layers. I thought I understood what that meant, until I spent a whole week with you doing the FIT process under your guidance.

Everyone should attend this retreat! The FIT learning process is truly an example of: “ If some is good, more is better”. The gift of nurturing myself is something that I never felt deserving of. There was always an excuse, including too much to do or somebody else to look after, I could insert a dozen excuses for not showing up for myself.

I now realize that the best gift I can give is to nurture myself, and all those around me reap the benefits! I look forward to again giving myself the gift of the time under your guidance at another retreat. Thank You and I am forever grateful.” ~ Shannon Franchuk Trefiak, Canada.

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