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Frequently Asked Questions

What is heart-centered?

How will I know if I am heart-centered? Heart-centered refers to an area within ourself that is total purity; it is our essence; it is our truth. When someone is heart-centered, they have activated this sacred energy and are in alignment with their power and truth. You will know if you are heart-centred by examining your actions, attitudes and behaviours toward self and others. If all that you are doing is coming from a place of heart-centeredness, there is no ill will towards anyone;( including yourself). There is no hidden agenda or motivation. There is no ego, you are simply motivated by truth and love. You act out of the intention for the greater good.

What does vibration and alignment mean?

Vibration can be viewed in the practical world as how you are feeling in any given moment. Your feelings are the greatest indicator of where your vibration is at. When you are experiencing any negative emotion (ie. discouragement, fear, anger) your vibration will be low. Positive emotions have a higher vibration (ie. love, happiness, gratitude, peaceful).
Alignment can be explained if you picture a sliding scale. Visualize a marker being in the centre of this scale to symbolize complete balance. This means that you are feeling at peace in all areas of your life; physically, emotionally and spiritually. You are in harmony. When you are in this place, you can say that you are “in alignment” with the life force from creator. It is a place of being in peace. This same scale can be used as a tool for you to picture when you are out of alignment; when you are not feeling a connection. Vibration and alignment are closely connected. If you recognize you are out of alignment, change it instantly by raising your vibration! Watch a funny movie, laugh, call a good friend, make a gratitude list, exercise, do some deep breathing...create a tool box of positive coping skills to help raise your vibration so that you are in alignment with Creator’s energy!

What is consciousness?

Consciousness refers to how aware you are of your total being; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. How connected are you to what is going on in your world and how it is impacting you on those levels? This is consciousness. An example would be someone who has many physical ailments in their life. They understand they are not well, and are consistently told by their health practitioner things they could do to help; however, choose not to follow-up or take any initiative for their health. Instead, they may continue to make self-destructive choices that negatively impact their health. This would be someone that is not conscious or connected to how their choices are affecting their health. Being conscious means being willing to examine each area of ourself in a holistic manner to ensure we are in balance. What is happening physically, may be impacting you emotionally and vice versa.