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FIT class with Jane Burning & Loretta Mohl

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Basic Focused Intention Technique
Learn how to follow your heart and access your endless inner resources. Your heart center is your intuition and it can see the future. It knows your passion and why you are here. When you connect with that deep part of you, you feel a soulful kind of joy inside and your outside world will never be the same.

Join us and experience the Sacred Space of the Heart. Come and learn the secret on how to effortlessly access and transform your problems at the root cause.

Certificate upon completion.

Two-Day Focused Intention Technique Refresher (FIT)

This course is for those who are certified in the Basic instruction level of FIT. This would benefit those that are seeking to increase their skills and confidence level in FIT. Content is aimed to give students ample time for practicum and healing work.

Focused Intention Technique (FIT) Intermediate Training,
Heal, Awaken, & Thrive

The Soul’s Journey

This two day class includes teachings on: energy, chakra system, your connection to creation, and important details on how your soul came into physical form. Join this class to reach your personal level of enlightenment, and receive practical tools to apply in your daily life.

Awakening the Sacred Bundle

Awakening the Sacred Bundle is a presentation of how our soul came into physical form I will share ancient wisdom from the purest of vibration in which I have been blessed to offer to all races of people. When I work with soul energy, there is no colour, race, creed, denomination etc; we are all 100% pure energy. We will discuss the lessons we agreed to in our sacred contracts and how we chose our earthly lessons. Learn how to embrace forgiveness and identify the obstacles that appear to get in the way of awakening the bundle. Discover your potential by releasing limiting beliefs we made in the time of our pain. Let yourself awaken to the calling of your soul and be ready to embrace the truth within.

Meditation to Quiet the Mind

Students will learn how to use meditation to cope with the chaos in the world. Strengthen your breathing techniques and see how inner peace can bring greater self-awareness to your life. No previous experience needed.

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