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Rapid Change for Busy Heart Centered Women Who Want to Be their Best Version of Themselves
"We are the purest of love and light which creator intended us to be no matter what our life has endured.
Finding your way to your sacred bundle in the heart center will awaken the purity.
We have been gifted many resources to complete our bundle and to utilize while we journey this earth walk." Jane Burning

Haudenosaune Healer, Jane Burning
New Book on Holistic Well-being

Article from the Two Row Times
July 15, 2014

Rapid Change Book

International Best Selling Book, "Rapid Change for Busy Heart Centered Women Who Want to Be the Best Version of Themselves" is leading the way for women to transform in the 21st Century. The heart heals all, allows for patience, gratitude, emotion, simplicity, generosity, grace, understanding, awareness, life force, and meaningful intention that allows for letting go.

In this book, 30 Women all experts in their field, have come together to take the complication out of complicated change. With their proven methods and models of success, each woman is given the tools to transition herself from everyday surviving to everyday thriving, being the best version of herself.

The benefits and empowerment of collaboration are endless; in this book you will tap into the knowledge of 30 extraordinary women who will broaden your horizons, raise your consciousness, and lead you to better living through sharing their own experiences.

Rapid change is possible through the understanding and implementation of the four aspects of yourself, in this book the Whole Self model shows you how and why it is possible. So how do you reach this best version of you? You've already taken the first step by picking up this book. Face yourself, your fears, and insecurities head on all with the help in this book.

Editorial Reviews
From the Author, Loretta Mohl

I created this anthology for many reasons, but the main two were: to let women know they have choices--they can make rapid changes in their life and become their best self--and to tap into the power of collaborating with other women who share my passion.

For the majority of my career, I have dedicated myself to helping others transform their lives. It's my passion. It gives me life and energy. It has been my mission to assist you in your personal transformation towards discovering your purpose and living the love you love. This book is my latest step in my journey. I have had many moments that have spurred me towards transformation. From facing personal struggles in childhood, to having to take care of my addicted grandfather dying of cancer, to the sudden death of my husband.

Working on my own personal transformation hasn't always been easy, and that is my focus for you - that making rapid change is easy and possible. That's why I've compiled this book. When most of us women look in the mirror, we tend to narrow in on our trouble spots--scrutinizing what could be better - rather than loving the beauty of our whole self, body, mind, heart, and soul. Then this mindset consumes us and affects us when we look inward--we find and agonize over all the things we don't like about ourselves, rather than embracing our whole self. But when a woman's body, mind, heart, and soul are all in sync and focused on the positives instead, anything is possible.

The first step to being the best version you can be is to understand the Whole Self Model. The model can essentially be grouped into four major facets, or potentials: we see (spiritual), we think (mental), we feel (emotional), and we do (physical). These four potentials work together to make us who we are. As we go through life, all of these facets will interact, so if we are developing each one in a balanced way--paying attention to all four potentials--then we have a greater opportunity to be at our best version. I want you to enjoy getting to know each unique author through their story!

I don't know about you, but for me, being exposed to other people's views and techniques is life altering. And I hope that's what this book will be for you. I want to suggest some tips that will help you awaken the best version of you: Make the time to allow for new discoveries and opportunities; call upon the Universal Source, Creator, God, for guidance in all areas to make life more efficient; allow yourself to explore your inner thoughts so you can achieve a greater sense of awareness and meaningfulness; play full-out; and shed your fears by seeing your truth.

This is a time of great self-discovery and transformation for you. As you work to manifest your best possible self, you will see things from a deeper perspective than ever before, so make it your intent to make your life a priority. After all, you're worth it. Open and connect to your heart-centered consciousness daily, and you will naturally transform all the old, outdated beliefs you have about yourself into beliefs aligned with the best version of you. Remember, that you is already within you. Read and re-read the chapters in the book, it will help awaken that new you. In Wholehearted love, and light!

From the Inside Flap
Forward by Jane Burning

If only we knew in the midst of pain or witnessing trauma these experience would be essential to our soul's evolution. Who in their right mind would choose to create such ciaos and endure such darkness. We go through life waiting, wishing, and hoping, for change. Having expectations of others to love us, nurture us, understand us or meet some need we believe we lack. Most of our life we search to find ourselves. Try endlessly to find our purpose or who we are. We become scattered in our thinking, spinning in life looking for the best relationship, the best body, the best friend, the best education. The whole time we are looking outside of ourselves.

Some part of us believes other people's responses and reactions define who we are. You will be happy to learn that's all BS! Never again do you need to let anyone define who you are! You my friend are an entity of your own creation. Yes, we have created this life of yours based on your experiences. Following your way to your heart center requires little time but a big commitment. Commitment to you! You are the love you are looking for. You are the relationship you desire. You are everything you hope for and inspire to be. It is you and only you who have to define who you are.

In 2009 Loretta Mohl, created a system know as FIT which teaches people how to identify, root out and eliminate limiting beliefs. Loretta, founder of Focused Intention Technique has developed an easy 11 step process to spiral into the heart center and awaken the absolute truth. Once you become aware of your inner most truth you awaken every cell in your body to the vibration of the truth thus healing the cells in your body. No longer does the pain from our body effect us mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. We come to realize we are not the stories we have held in our belief system.

Loretta has been known to some as the belief slayer and a catalyst for growth. Rapid Change, for busy heart centered women who want to be the best version is a compilation of 30 passionate brilliant women who have worked to transform themselves into all they can be. Healing holistically requires you to know yourselves mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Each chapter is an opportunity to embrace YOU and transform all four power areas of our life. Find the passion in life, seek out your purpose and never allow your opportunities to be limitless.

Loretta allowed herself to remove fear from doing difficult personal inner work and now teaches heart centered women around the world how to break free from the shackles of their limiting beliefs. Loretta has shared, "All women are beautiful and we will change the world when we feel comfort in our skin, our power, and our possibilities and I believe living life in alignment with our purpose is the biggest gift we can give ourselves and the world. I believe in giving great service to others, I believe we are perfect, whole and complete just the way we are. Own that and it will change your life. I believe life becomes so much richer when we connect to or create our own movement and work on it fiercely to change the world"

We love you, Loretta. Jane Burning, Six Nations of the Grand River, Ohsweken, Ontario


Heartbreak into Heartpower!
"An inspiring and motivating read. Amazing daily practices and reminders of how to let go of the past and live in a place where you are not held back by heartbreak because with a happy heart, the world is a better place and you are unstoppable!"

Wonderfully Written
"I am very excited about this book as it resognates with my own life experiences. How wonderfully written and complied into a very easy to read and easy to follow book. I look forward to the change! Enjoy."

Raw & Real!
"This is raw & real-life medicine for the heart. All these women tell their straight stories & everyday struggles they have dealt with & how they healed. No jargon. Just what works to move out of the pain and into more of their potential."

Transform Hearbreak into Heartpower - Yes!
"Carmel Morgan's "Bad Girl Wisdom on How to Transform Heartbreak into Heartpower" is right on point about women's intuition, and she gives simple exercises to help heal the emotional body, and some great suggestions in her "Heart Chakra Makeover" that I'd never come across before that I'm going to put into practice. I highly recommend this read, and it's great because you can open the book to any chapter and begin, because each chapter is written by a different author--so many inspirational women to choose from. Thanks, Carmel!"