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Birth is to Death as Death is to Birth

jane burningExperiences of death have played a major role in my life. As a child, I was told not to cry when someone whom I loved dearly died. No one ever explained what death was nor did they say “their sleeping” meant they would never awaken. Due to the lack of information and deep hurt I found myself longing for my love one and grieving through most of my life.

As you can imagine, abandonment was one of the themes of my life. It wasn’t until I was adult and took care of my self by healing my open wounds, did I discover the beauty in death.

When we are connected to our vital life force (creator, god, sogwitisoh) we are in total alignment to our absolute truth. In this vibration of truth there is no fear, no grief, no agony or despair. We know without a doubt that we have come here with agreements and sacred contracts to fulfill.

Recently, I was working out of town. As I drove away from my children, partner and home, I felt deep hurt and pain. I began crying and releasing for nearly an hour. When I finally was able to stop, I heard a clear message which said, ” there now, you know how hard it is for your loved ones to leave you. When your grandpa told you not to cry as you will hold your brother’s spirit here, this is what he meant.” I truly knew in that moment what my grandpa was trying to teach me. It was not that he want me to stuff and suppress my emotions for years but to grieve, find my center and let go. To give support and loving encouragement to my deceased loved one, making his journey easier for him to leave whom and what he too loved.

Most recently, I was helping a grieving widow, I clearly heard spirit say, “tell her to be home and we can visit her.” I knew exactly what they meant. I always refer to our physical vessel as our sacred home. Spirit meant if she is centered, in total alignment with mind, body and spirit, they can come in to her heart center and visit. They went on to say, “when she is overcome with grief and full of darkness she is not home and we cannot come in”.
When we hold a loving space for our dear departed ones we can celebrate a life that has awaken so much goodness within ourselves. After all, that is what we do for each other is awaken one another to each others goodness. What we see in others is a refection of ourself. Celebrate life with the living and the deceased. Until we meet again in another form.