Consciously Connected to Creation

Amazing what I’ve been able to  remember when I’m in alignment to my source. I recall being received by my mother the earth, who held a very loving space for me. My birth mother was battling depression and was uncertain about giving birth to her second child only 15 months after her first born.  My birth mother’s first drop of amniotic fluid fell down her legs and went to my true mother to let her know I would soon be arriving. Recalling this in my healing journey dispelled the grief and agony of thinking I was unloved and unwanted.

My true mother, the earth,  then called out to all of creation and told them, ” she is coming and she will bring with her an abundant amount of light”. All of creation rejoiced and called my name, reassuring me I was being received by an array of life force.

Creation held a loving space for me to be here; in physical form; in flesh. As my soul entered my body, I clung onto my sacred bundle which creator blessed me with. Creator’s words reined in my ears like soft vibrations of light. “Never forget who you are, know within this bundle is everything you will need.” As I entered this form, I knew my purpose, my life journey, my lessons, and the gifts I would awaken here in this realm.

Creator reminded me, I would be going to a place where it is very dark where the vibration is very low. However, there you will learn lessons on how to raise your vibration and see beyond any earthly pain. “Remember, my child,” he said, “You are the light and there will be nothing that can change that.” I was so excited to be here. To have these experiences, as dark as they may be. I even chose the people who would bring forth the darkness, those who would be my teacher. I knew then, in that moment that this would be my truth, my spiritual truth. I also knew these lessons would help me to awaken the light in this darkness.

Creator reminded me that he made a strong male energy to keep me safe, to hold me when I needed the energy of a male warrior.” I will call him your brother ~ you will know him as the sun,” he said. So if ever there is a time you feel a need to be in the presence of a true warrior open your arms to him and let him into your heart center to warm you. He will provide for you a great sense of comfort and security.

Now, I must tell you about your grandmother. She is a beautiful ancient life force. She will show herself every month; her energy is your energy. She will teach you about being a woman and the power you have. You will have the ability to bring forth life. Yes, you to will be a creator in this earthly realm. As a woman you will be in tune with the vibration of our grandmother and the ebb and flow of the wave within you. Embrace this miracle, as not every human being on earth can do this. If you have chosen this as one of your lessons, honor it and don’t harm the sacredness of this gift.

Our uncles, the thunder beings will keep a close eye on you. They will come forth in times of darkness and work loudly to keep out the greatest of fears. The Uncles are to awaken the gift of purification by bringing forth the waters from heaven. They will cleanse your mind, body and spirit of your fears. Know when you hear them this is a time for gratitude. Place your tobacco outside or smoke your pipe and give thanks to the thunder beings for the duties they uphold.

Remember all of creation has a part here in this earthly realm, including you. Your part is to remember the light you are bringing to this realm. When you are faced with darkness ~ internal pain and suffering, remember you are not the pain body but you are the sacred bundle. Creation holds a loving space for you to awaken your bundle and you reciprocate that energy of love by channeling it to creation. The more you heal from the pain body, the more creation heals. You bring forth the healing light with the love you awaken in your bundle.

You are not alone here in this earthly realm, you are surrounded by much more than the human species. There is life force in all of creation, there is a family ~ a family made in the purest form. Let creation be what creator intended and allow this life force to live inside of you. See the beauty and embrace the vibration of life. Love is life my child.

When we are in total alignment, mind, body, and spirit, and connected to our life force we are in our purest form.

Gift yourself the gift of alignment.

Give yourself the gift of alignment.

We remember our sacredness, our bundle, and our connection to our source. We are the life force, we are the creator of our life, we are the purity of our soul. Bless it be.


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