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You are pure love, pure light

When I was well into my healing, I had a great awareness of the power I gave to my ego. The part of me who held on to all my limiting beliefs and negative perceptions of the world. When I came face to face with my ego in a healing session, I gave my ego the boot. I thought I don’t need you in my life; I want you to get the hell out of here and stop trying to get me to belief all your lies. I was firm with that part of me; I was confident I was doing the right thing having removed the part that kept me in the darkness.

Years went by, I continued to do my healing work, letting go of old wounds and trauma. Trusting in myself and my capabilities to heal the wounds. I learned so much during my healing, and received so many messages from my ancestors. Messages that are from my inherent wisdom, a place of pure guidance. No matter what it was I was instructed to say or do I followed through. I worked from a place of humility, believing in my divine guidance even if I was not sure, I always followed through.

One day, I found myself sitting on a bank near the water’s edge. I had just spent 3 nights in the bush, alone, without food or water. I was in a place of prayer and open to receiving direction. While I sat there, I glanced up and seen myself as a child. That part of me was alone and uncertain. I sat there watching her, tears fell from me in absolute love. I realized this is the part that held onto all my limiting beliefs which were formulated as a child. Deep compassion and forgiveness fell upon me. I stood up and opened my arms to her and asked her to come home. It is then that I heard creator’s voice, ” There now, you know who you are. You are pure love and pure light. All those thoughts of self destruction and harm are not who you are. She can come home now because you know the truth. ”

It was then that I truly understood the role of the ego and how the shadow self exposes our darkness. We are not the story which we carry within our cells but we are pure love and pure light. It is necessary for us to embrace this darkness and transform it into light. Darkness is necessary for the transformation to occur. How magnificent Creator has made us.

How Could Anyone Ever Tell You