Jane sitting on a rock
About Jane

Jane Burning is a Holistic Consultant and a Certified Social Service Worker. She is certified in Reality/Choice Theory, Psycho Dramatic Body Work, Masters of Energy, and Reiki Master.

After twelve years in the field of Child Welfare and Family Violence, she began her private practice with Universal Energy Training and Learning Center. She offered holistic counselling incorporating energy work, and co-facilitated weekend retreats.

Today, she continues to work independently as a holistic consultant creating and facilitating workshops which are developed through spiritual guidance.

Jane is a traditional Haudenosaunee Faith Keeper, and comes from a strong lineage of Seneca women. She was born into a family of traditional healers and seers. She carries a strong bundle that is grounded in Ancestral and Western knowledge.

She has an unique ability to see beyond the disruption within people and/or agencies and create a workshop that uplifts all.

In 2014, Jane received the Strives Award, an award created to honor individuals who strive to promote wellness and resiliency within their community.

My Mission
As a holistic consultant, I offer training that incorporates traditional values and spiritual principles. A holistic consultant is conscious of the inter-connectedness of our minds, bodies and spirits.

My training is vastly unique as it includes private consultations with your agency/organization to suit your needs. After the initial consultation, I include any spiritual insight or guidance I receive from meditation and develop an agenda for your training.

The foundation of my training gives people the tools to connect with themselves on a deeper level to create meaningful and lasting change. Group training rates are available for your clients or staff on a daily or weekly basis. This training increases participants’ skills in: communication, self esteem, problem solving and self-assessment.

My Philosophy

I have spent years searching for happiness and fulfillment outside myself. Only to discover the one place I did not look was inside. Through visions, fasting, meditation, and therapy, I have come home to a place where I belong.

Deep within my heart center is a place which I call home. This home is the safest, loving, and most nurturing place I will ever know.

What I have learned over the years is how our magnificent soul has journeyed into this physical body only to seek enlightenment. I have come to understand the darkness which has controlled my life is now my greatest teacher.

When I took the time to clean out my heart filter, I was told I was letting go of the painful truth which no longer served my highest and greatest good. Cleaning the heart filter allowed me to cross over the rainbow bridge to the heart center where the spiritual truth is.

When we allow ourselves to be consciously connected to a source so divine, so pure, we become that source. We are pure love, pure light, and all the painful truths have no power over us in this high vibration of love.

It is my greatest desire to teach those who are ready how to sustain this high vibration.